Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let Me Count the Ways

How much do I love IKEA... let me tell you... A WHOLE LOT! The only problem with this love affair that I have, is that we don't have one near us. If I ever get to go there any more, it is when we are traveling, and we already have a car full of luggage and not much room for the treasures I am sure to find at this designing mecca. One find that I did bring home (on my lap) a few trips ago was the KNUBBIG table lamp. I got the small one with the white cherry-blossoms, but it comes in another size, and lots of other colors and designs. My husband and I both love this little lamp that could. It looks good off or on, and when it is on at night it is the perfect amount of light for when you are watching a movie a movie, and don't want to do it in total darkness. It is easily one of the best purchases I have ever made because of the low cost (the small one was only $8.99 at the time I purchased it) vs. the amount of immense joy and satisfaction I get from it.

The Picture Project

I live in a basement! There, I said it. During a crazy time in the Real Estate market (you know, when it was good) my husband and I bought a home with his parents. Yes, I know that sounds crazy... but at the time it made sense. Now, don't get me wrong... it served it's purposes at the time, but that time has past. So, we (my husband, son and I) would like to sell this home and get back into a place of our own. What is the problem with that you ask? Nothing. Well, except for that pesky Real Estate market that is not in the shape it was when we bought this place... so yes, almost 6 YEARS LATER, I am still living in a basement. The problem with me living in a basement when I want to live somewhere else is that I keep not doing things I would like to to improve our living situation because I don't want to put time and energy into a place I am deciding I am bitter at. :) Then I realized I need to live in the moment and stop putting off at least little projects, because we could be here a LONG TIME at this rate.

So, where is this all going? I did a project. My husband and I liked lots of things about our bedroom; the bedding, our bedroom set, how comfy our bed is... but there was this problem with a big, blank, white wall. Also, our colors in our bedroom are black, red, and white so it can be hard to find art for our room that doesn't look too modern or contemporary. We still wanted it to fit in with the more cottage style furnishings we have in there.

I was walking through this FABULOUS consignment shop we have here in Southern Utah called Urban Renewal. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! Well I walk in and start looking at the art and I find this piece.

I like that picture, but I think the fame is hideous and doesn't help the picture at all... but I buy it and bring it home. I bought 2 cans of spray paint. One, a super bonding black paint, and the other is a matte finishing paint. With the super bonding black paint the finish comes out SUPER glossy and I wanted a more natural looking frame. I took the picture out of the frame and went to town.

Then, I put the picture back in and loved it! I think the black helped all the colors in the picture pop so much more then they did in that ugly frame. Then I hung it on my bedroom wall. Now let me tell you my husband hated the picture when I brought it home, as I painted it, and even when I hung it up... after only 24 hours..., "I'm not saying I love the picture now, but it is nice to have something on that wall". From my husband...I'll take it. So here it is on the wall in our bedroom.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love a good design blog. It's like crack to me! I feel a surging sense of joy when I read an idea that I love, or see someone else have success in their journey. I have lots of ideas running through this crazy brain of mine, and while I do not promise that any of them are any good... I have hope that some of them might be. I have no formal training in any type of design, but I love to put together a room or outfit. I also love living green, so don't be too surprised if my blog tends to have some green suggestions thrown in from time to time. What this all comes down to is, I hope to give some joy back to the blogging world that has given so much to me. Here is hoping we all make this world a lovely place!