Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

The gray side.

  Sorry, this post was promised a long time ago. Jon and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on July 5th. I decided to do a little project for him as a gift. Jon had recently started a new job that made it so he had to go to bed at 8pm. Trying to go to bed that early during the summer can be a challenge with how light it is outside. The project started out as just thinking I would get some blackout drapes for our room, and expanded from there. I found the drapes and then decided we needed some new bedding to go with it, that then lead to getting some more comfortable sheets for Jon. See what happens when you go to Target for one thing?
A little closer for detail.
The quilt is reversible so I can have a little change when I need it.

                                      The gray side.

                                    The side with the pattern.

Now I am just looking for a few yellow details to add to the room. I will have to update you with pictures when I find a few good pieces. 

A Little Art Goes A Long Way

My bathroom was in need of something. I found this piece of art that I liked while visiting my mom and dad in St. George (at T.J.Maxx) and bought it thinking I would put it in my bedroom. I instead ended up putting it  in my bathroom and like it so much more there. It took my plain condo bath and gave it that little punch of something it needed. It filled the space and made the room look more complete.
It is amazing what a piece of art can do, isn't it?

A Lovely Living Room

Take a look at this living room done by Kristen at 6th Street Design for a model home in Daybreak (South Jordan, UT). I love the detail on the ceiling and the color choices for the room. I love how much seating there is without looking cluttered. It proves you can have big style in a little room.