Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some Small Updates

I know I said my next post would be about our updated lighting fixture, but that is still a work in progress. So, I am showing you some small updates that I have been working on. Noah's room has been getting closer to being done bit-by-bit. I still need one more small table and one more bookcase before it is totally finished, but we have made a few small changes since I last posted pictures of his room.

Noah loves to draw, a lot, so I made him a little station for his art supplies. This way he can get to his pencils and things he needs quicker instead of having to dig out the colored pencils from the markers every time he wants to make a comic. I also added some of his works of art from previous years to the wall in back of his chair.

Noah's other love is his Gogo's collection (these little figures he collects and loves to death). I thought since he loves this collections so much, why not give him space to display his beloved collection?

Next I have been working on making our laundry room more presentable. Being that we live in a small condo, the laundry room is my main area for storage. It was a big mess, so I am trying to bring some organization to the madness so it looks better, and so I can find things. :) I love black, white, and red together but have been decorating the condo in more greens, blues, and yellows. I figure the laundry room is separated from the rest of the house enough that I could do some red, black and white in there. It's still has a ways to go, but I promise it's much better then it was.

The hold-up on the light fixture is the paint. The first color I chose was not right, so I tried again and it's turning out much better. Hopefully I will be done soon so I can share that project with you. (You can see a little preview of it in the 2nd laundry room picture towards the bottom. Those are the two pieces of the fixture I keep testing paint on until I get it just right.)