Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Little Somein' Somein'

Don't you just love it when a little accessory can brighten up your whole room? I needed a small change in my living room. Just a little something to keep me from going into shock from sheer boredom, and I needed to do it with very little money. I had a thought-throw pillows... a cheap change for minimal moo la. I went in search of the perfect pillows to perk up my couch and I got two new throw pillows at Target (one of my favorite places to spend an hour, and some hard earned cash) and they have brightened my whole outlook on my room and my current funk with it. I needed something that would bring my room out of Winter and into Spring and these did the trick. Gotta love a small change with big impact.

That is your homework for this week my few followers; (yes, I randomly decided I would give you homework) find the room in your house that is currently bugging you and find a small way to change it. Maybe even make it into a game... like I will find a way to change my ________room for under ________ bucks. I promise a little change for a "little change" can go a long way. Then once you have done the challenge post a comment on this post telling us all about it, or you can tell us all about a time in the past when you made a little change that made a big difference. Who knows I might even pick a favorite comment and give that follower a prize. We shall see.
Welcome to spring everyone!!

I See the Light!

I am kinda a "greenie". I try to live a life that is as kind to Mother Nature as possible. Being that the month of April is when we celebrate Earth Day, I decided to write a post that brings design and green living together. I love candles, but came to find out that my love of candles could be a very non-earth friendly practice unless I changed my burnin' ways. Did you know that the traditional candles we buy today are made with a form of oil and not a healthy kind, the petroleum kind. Also, a lot of traditional candles use lead in there wicks and have a very "dirty burn". So, how was a green girl like me going to continue on with her candle love affair? I had to find a "green" candle. To the rescue came a site I love They have beautiful candles that are petroleum and lead free, but still smell divine. They come in lots of scents and designs and are very reasonably priced. The one I have in the picture is there "Milk" scent. It burns for up to 100 hours and only cost me $20 bucks. It shipped to me faster then I ever thought possible, and the scent really does fill the room. I love it, and can't wait to try other scents. They have designs to fit in with lots of different decor, and you can feel good knowing that your candle is not just beautiful, but that it is not filling your house up with nasty chemicals. It's a win-win!