Friday, March 12, 2010

You're The Inspiration

I must admit that I didn't start this blog because I had some great epiphany, I started it because I was inspired by a beautiful blog It is a little piece of heaven for me every time I read it. You all really must check it out. The writer is this lovely working mom who has a great sense of style. She has inspired me to try to make more things in my life lovely instead of just so-so. I decided to start this blog after reading her words and enjoying them so much. If I can inspire anyone the way she inspired me, that would be amazing... but really I hope to keep myself motivated and inspired and anything else that comes from this whole experience is just gravy. The shoes pictured to the left are just one of the many finds that I got from reading The blog author does a style post once a month, and these were on one of them. I feel in retro love. You really must check out this blog. I hope it will bring you some of the "magic" it has brought to me.

It's In The Bag

I have already told you of my love for the great store that is IKEA. Well, here is another find that combines two of my loves... deals at IKEA, and green living. I am a girl who recycles, but I was having a hard time finding the best way to do that without letting the clutter drive me up the wall. Then I found these great bags at IKEA. They are cute, big, and have a great price for how durable they are. They come in lots of great designs and usually run about $2 a piece. I recently had my sister pick some up for me on her last trip to IKEA, and they ended up being on sale for $1.50. I originally bought them just as "green bags" to keep in my car for shopping, but then I discovered a great second use... a wonderful recycling bag! They are made of a durable plastic which makes them easy to clean, and they hold quite a bit. I have 4 of them. One for glass, plastic, paper, and metal. When I fill one up, I pick it up by the handle, put it in my car, and it's off to the community recycling bin we go. It makes it easy and stylish all in one, and who doesn't like that?

A Homegrown Education

This is one of the sources of my love, and any knowledge I do have, for decorating... my prized collection of decorating books. I love them so. This is not near my entire collection either, but this is what I could get on my shelves without it looking like a cluttered mess. I need to get another bookshelf, but that is another issue entirely. If you ever need inspiration, a great design book or magazine can do wonders. Happy reading everybody. If you need a good book to borrow, you know where to find one.