Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Style and Substance?!?!

So, I have already mentioned that I am a "bit" of a "greenie", well I really am trying to slowly-but-surly make my life more and more earth friendly every day and have found a product that I love. They are toothbrushes. Toothbrushes in a style blog??? You might ask. Why, yes. I once heard a famous decorator say you should never buy paper towels with a pattern on them. "Why let someone else pick your style for you?" was the reasoning. Well, that can be true with your toothbrush too. The toothbrush is called Preserve. It is made from recycled yogurt cups, and when you get at least 4 old ones together you can reqest a postage paid envelope from the company and mail them back to be recycled again. A yogurt cup today, a toothbrush tomorrow, and a shopping basket in the future. Another reason why I love them is they come in plain colors. No design, no little goofy characters, nothing to take away from the design of my bathroom. They come in red, green, blue, pink, purple, teal, and plain white... so you can choose a color that is just right for you and your bathroom.

The Preserve toothbrush also goes againt the traditional toothbrush in that instead of being angeled forward, they are angled backward. I can attest to you that this has improved the teeth and gum health of our family and made the bi-yearly cleaning visit to the dentist much more pleasant.

You can find thses amazing toothbrushes at stores that carry green products or you can get them online at www.recycline.com. And hey being green and having a healthy smile are always in-style.