Monday, August 27, 2012

Put Up Your Feet and Stay Awhile

We finally have a place to put our feet up! Before when we watched TV, Jon and I would drag over a basket we kept blankets in and put a pillow on top of it. Then we would share this 14x14 space on a pillow for both of our feet. Not ideal at all, but it worked at the time. We finally got an ottoman that is big enough for all of us. It even has storage in it for Noah's big floor pillow so when he is not using it, it's not taking up space on our floor.
It is dark brown to match the wood on the feet of the couch and chair, our kitchen table and our new light fixture. Things are coming together slowly, but at least they are coming together, right? So come on over and visit...we won't make you put your feet on a pillow. :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

I See the Light!

   So as I have said on this blog before, the lighting fixture that came with our condo was a big, fat, GOLD, thorn in my side. It is amazing to me that this condo was built in 2001 (not 1980) and still someone picked that light fixture. Not only was it bright, brassy gold, but it has 5 lights (for a very small space) that all shown straight down onto the table. It was very overpowering and you felt like you might get a "sunburn" just having dinner.

   At first I thought (and had even started) I would spray paint a fixture I already had. The problem was I kept putting off the project. I realized I was doing this because I really didn't like the fixture in the first place and just painting it wasn't going to help. I decided I needed to buy something. I didn't have a big budget for this (under $100) so I had to do some looking, but I finally found something I liked on Amazon.

                      Let me remind you what the old fixture looked like. Beautiful, right?

And then here is the new fixture. It just is so much more modern and makes the whole room feel less dated. Plus, I just like it. And now we can have the light on while eating dinner without needing sunglasses.
I am currently working on my office, but then my next project will be the kitchen. This is a project that keeps getting put off just because it will be SO BIG. I plan on painting all my cabinets white and then adding oil rubbed bronze hardware to them to match the light fixture. When it's done, I know I will love it, but I have A LOT of cabinets so it will be a lot of painting.
Wish me luck!