Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

If you know me or have been reading this blog for awhile you know I like for things to be clean and organized. I don't like too much clutter. The kitchen is a place in the home that gets used a lot and can look messy very fast, so why not at least make things as neat as possible before you start cooking and make a mess of things?

Now, I know if you are on Pinterest you have seen or heard these tips already, but reminders are always good for me, so I thought I would share one. Here are my tips for your kitchen sink. 

1. I like to keep hand soap (not just dish soap) by the kitchen sink. We all spend so much time in the kitchen, why not have hand soap there? It is usually closer to the front door then the bathrooms, and in our house it helps my son remember to wash his hands when he comes home after school, after we come back from the store, or any of the other places we all pick up germs. I like to make sure this soap dispenser matches colors in my kitchen and is not disposable (keeping things green at my house of course).

2. I like to keep my dish soap in something prettier then disposable plastic. I use a bottle usually used for oil. I like it because then you don't have to pull up a cap, you just turn it over. Also the soap comes out a little slower then in those disposable plastic bottles, so we go through it slower. (One hint about this one though, make sure the spout is larger enough. The first one I bought was too narrow, and it took WAY too long for the soap to come down. I ended up buying a new one and like it much better.)

3. Don't leave the sponge on top of the sink. I personally use a little stainless steal holder on the inside of the side of the sink I use the least. It keeps the sponge from being an eyesore on top of my sink, but more important the sponge dries out better. This means I can use it longer before it gets stinky. (A tip on this subject, if your sponge gets a little stinky, but still has lots of wear left you can throw it in your dishwasher. It will come out sanitized and smelling much better. I put mine in the section for silverware so it stays put during the cycle.)

A picture of my kitchen sink with the three points I talked about.

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