Friday, June 18, 2010

California Dreamin'

I am currently living in Southern Utah, and I love where I live. The desert here really is beautiful, and the red rock views sometimes take my breath away. Even though I consider myself a Utah girl now, I was born and raised in Southern California. While there are some thing I don't miss...graffiti, traffic, crazy house prices... there are some things I do miss. Besides my friends and family and the great weather, the thing I miss about Cali the most... THE BEACH!! I have always loved the beach and the ocean. My parents took us there often in the summer and we even camped on the beach for a week every year! It was amazing.

One thing I don't like about Southern Utah is the trend to go desert style with EVERYTHING including the decorating. I am much more a beach cottage girl then a desert adobe girl when it comes to the things I want in my living space. That is why I am SO HAPPY that Stanley Furniture has now come out with a Coastal Living line of furniture. I can bring the beach to me!! Mind you I know I need to sell my current house and buy a new one before I should worry about furniture, but this new line of furniture makes me soooo happy I can't help daydreaming about it. I can almost feel the ocean breeze now!

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Kitty Talk said...

I so freaking miss the beach too! We have beaches here but they are HOURS away. We are thinking of going in August to a beach here. We are hoping. :)