Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stupid England

Sorry, but this one is a long time coming...I was browsing at Barnes and Noble a few months back (which I must admit is a place Noah and I like too frequent) when a magazine caught my eye. Country Homes and Interiors looked like it might be some pages of pure bliss for me, so I picked it up, opened it, and was thrilled to realize I was right. It was pure bliss!! So, I grabbed it and took it to the register to make it mine. When I got it home I enjoyed each and every page and thought I would have to get a subscription... so I started to flip through it for one of those card thingys (you know, the ones that are always falling out in droves until you need one and then they are no where to be found). I finally found one and then to my dismay saw that it was an English magazine that was only available for subscription in England. LAME. Oh well, I guess the next time I get some change in my pocket (which seems to happen less and less frequently lately) I will just have to drive on over to B&N to get me a future issue, because who wants to miss pure bliss???

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Valerie said...

Ha ha ha your title is funny. I love decorating magazines too, we need to get together and pool our decor ideas. I need help with a frame wall :)