Sunday, December 26, 2010

Got Brass (And Very Little Else), In Pocket

Here was a project I did for Noah's room for VERY little money and using some things I already had around the house. I had some canvases that I had used in another room that had been covered in fabric. That room is in the process of being made over into something new and the canvases would no longer be needed. I removed the fabric from the canvases, and bought cheap acrylic paint from a craft store. I also got some cheap wooden letters that spelled out Noah's name to paint. I got some painters tape and went to work painting the canvases to match Noah's bedding. This project probably cost less then $10 and it helps make the room look more complete for the new listing pictures of our house.


*Lauren* said...

I love those colors for a boy's room! Very cool. Yay Kristy! I miss you blogging!

Kim and Ender said...

I can't believe how clean and clutter free his room is. Looks good.

Kristy Lou said...

That is because this bed is higher then his old one, and I got 4 huge plastic totes that slide right under the bed that are full of all his little legos and action figures and stuff.