Monday, January 3, 2011

All In My Head

As you all know we are trying to sell our house so that we can move up to Northern Utah were Jon has been working since September. I have always loved this community in South Jordan called Daybreak and was sure I wanted to live there (and if I had more money I probably would). But Jon and I decided to make sure we "educated" ourselves on more communities that were out there that might be more friendly to those working on our budget. We have found it! We have fallen in love with another planned community called Rosecreast in Herriman. Especially the part called The Villages of Rosecreast. It is very similar to Daybreak in that it has all of the things we wanted like a gym for Jon and I and playgrounds and splash pads and pool for Noah. That was important to us. But where it differs is on the price for the type of townhouse we want to buy.

Now, as I have talked about before I love design and I am good at seeing possibilities when it comes to rooms and what I could do with them. I have fallen in love with the "bones" of one of the townhouses they offer in this community. It is a two bedroom two and a half bath model that has a formal living room with a fireplace, but also a separate great room with the kitchen being open to a family room/dining room area. I never would have thought I would be able to find something like this in our price range. Now let me explain that these townhouses are "contractor specials" in that they are cheap as far as the finishes go, but those are easy to change. The things that are not easy to change like the location, outside look and floor plan are perfect so I am totally up to the challenge of buying one of these little beauties and turning it into my own little slice of heaven. I have already filled a composition book full of my ideas, and I can see it all in my head. Now if I could just sell my house and get a hold of one of these...should be easy enough, right???
(Pictures are just to show you the bones of the place. Please ignore all the white walls and furniture because when I eventually get a hold of one of these, it will look nothing like these pictures.)

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*Lauren* said...

Anyone want to buy a house in Ivins??? :)