Monday, January 3, 2011

All Polished Up

First a short update. The Christmas stuff is put away and so there is no longer a Christmas tree in the way of taking a picture of my new accent wall from the angle I want to show you it's "real" color. From this angel you can really see how rich the color is and how it pops away from ALL the WHITE on the rest of the walls of the house. I love it more everyday, and especially now that it doesn't have to compete with Christmas colors.

Next, I can be down and out in my PJ's and if I have polished nails somehow I feel more put together. Is that weird? Am I the only one who feels that way? I haven't written about personal style in awhile, and there is good reason...I have very little right now. There have just been too many other pressing issues to deal with, and so I haven't put much effort into how I look lately. This has to change because I have noticed when I get in a rut like I am now it can bring down my whole mood. I started very simple on New Years Eve and polished my nails with my two favorite shades. They make me happy, and so I decided to tell anyone else reading about them in hopes that they might make you happy as well.
The first is the color I love to wear on my finger nails. It is by OPI and it is called Sweet Heart. I LOVE this color. In the bottle it looks very pink, but on the nail it has just a very small hint of pink. What I love most is it makes your nails look whiter and brighter. It's a great "everyday" polish.
The second is one that my sister-in-law (Lauren) told me about that is also by OPI. It is my absolute favorite for the feet (please ignore how ugly mine are) where I like more color. It is the perfect shade of red because it is not too orange or pink, and not too "vampy" at the same time. It stays on forever too.
Looking at the pictures now, I guess I will mention one other thing that could be considered a style tip. I wear very little jewelry. I wish I would wear more. I have lots, but when I put it on I always feel like it doesn't look right on me. The one exception is rings. I LOVE RINGS! I don't know why. My favorite color is green and I realized I didn't have a single ring that was green, so I ordered myself one the last time I closed on a house. The ring in the picture is a green amethyst in white gold and I adore it. The great thing about amethyst is that it is a real gem stone, but it is not at all expensive so you get a lot of bang for your buck. I think people automatically go towards costume jewelry when they think of buying rings, but if you get the right gem stones and do your homework, you can find rings with real gold and real gems without spending a lot of money. Just a thought. :)
Anyways, here's hoping for a more stylish 2011! I need it!


*Lauren* said...

You forgot to mention the name :) I too need to be more stylish this year---and skinnier!

Melody said...

No, it's not just you. I feel more put-together when I have my nails done, too. In fact, I've been trying to get motivated enough to do them all week for just that reason! :)