Monday, March 21, 2011

Daybreak, how I love you so!

I talked in a past post about how I loved this community in Northern Utah called Daybreak, but that Jon and I were thinking we were going to move to another community instead... yeah well! I think we are changing our mind again and are leaning back towards Daybreak in a big way!! I can't wait for spring and so hope to be moved up there in our own house by next spring so I can enjoy views like this!! This community has style in everything they do from the design of the houses, lake, and landscaping to the fact that they only build houses that exceed some of the highest "green" standards out there. I just can't wait!!

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*Lauren* said...

Change your mind all you want!! As long as you're closer to us and we can see you more often, it's all good to us! Do you need me to burn your house down?? :)