Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feel Like Sharing?

Until I can get in my own place and start decorating I am living vicariously through others. This has given me the problem of having very little of my own decorating stuff to write about. Want to help??? (You know you do!) I would like to start to feature some of the cool things that you, my friends and family, do to your spaces. For example, my sister Kim got some used chairs for her back patio that needed a little pick-me-up. She re-painted the metal on them, and bought some cute outdoor pillows and they turned out so cute!! Send me your photos and a few words about what you did and you just might find yourself in my blog.

My first guest spot will be coming soon, and it is an amazing one!! I can't wait to share my friend's amazing house with you. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do, and that you will be thinking about what you might want to share with me. :)

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*Lauren* said...

You know I'm in :) As soon as I get my paint samples and get going I'll share my before and after......if it turns out good and I'm not totally regreting it--haha! Cross your fingers for me!